Last Friday, it was my pleasure to host Enterprise Credit Union’s 31st AGM. It was my 2nd AGM as Chair of the Board at ECU, and it filled me with pride to hear some of the achievements and milestones our staff, members, volunteers and directors have attained, together, this past year.I’m very pleased to confirm we distributed a 2% dividend again to our members, totalling a huge £270,000. That means our members’ money isn’t just helping others in our local community, they’re actually benefitting from doing so too. It’s certainly welcome news for ECU members just before the Christmas period, which we’ve all been guilty of overspending on. It’s also particularly apt, that on the same day we announced our member dividend, a number of high street banks announced decisions to cut their savings interest rates to less than 0.1%, with little to no explanation. Reason to consider a credit union as the best place for your savings, I’m sure you’ll agree.



Another standout moment for us this year was our appearance on BBC One’s ‘A Matter of Life and Debt’, as we showcased the human impact that our fantastic staff have had on members to the whole country. It’s about time credit unions are afforded the attention they deserve by the wider public, and programmes such as this go a long way to doing so.

Financially, it’s been another strong year for the credit union, 15.5% growth across the whole business. In real terms, that means we’ve gained over £3 million on our balance sheet, as we continue to go from strength to strength. For me, the best highlight was the fact that we’ve issued £19 million in loans to members of our community. We’ve seen members plan for their dream wedding, put themselves through university, and experience once-in-a-lifetime holidays. To think we’re in a stronger position than ever to help those in our local area is testament to the power of local community, working together. Catch up on our performance of the past year, by reading our annual report here: Download Report 2019



As great as it is to reflect on our positive achievements, it’s important to not rest on our laurels. Together with the other members of the Board of Directors, we’re planning to make the credit union stronger in the months and years to come. I’d like to thank the Board, who have done so much this year to help shape our new vision, with our members at the core of all decisions we’ve made. It’s my pleasure to welcome two new professionals to the board, Josh Austin and Kay Davies. We’re delighted that they’ll be joining us, and will bring fresh perspective and vigour to the leadership of the credit union.

From a personal standpoint, the past year’s renewed my commitment and enthusiasm for the values and ethos of this credit union. I was honoured to attend the World Conference for Credit Unions in July earlier on this year, where credit unions from across the world, in all shapes and sizes came together to learn and share with one another. I’m excited and determined in equal measure to ensure the future’s as bright as the past has been successful.

Wishing all involved with Enterprise Credit Union, and the wider sector, a fantastic Christmas and prosperous New Year!