What are the key benefits of CU@Work?

CU@Work is a payroll deduction scheme, widely offered as an employee benefit by businesses across Merseyside.

CU@Work makes saving simple – a fixed amount set by the employee, is deducted directly from their salary before it reaches their bank account.

CU@Work encourages healthy saving habits and helps build financial resilience.

CU@Work is completely free, easy to set-up and requires minimal effort to manage. 

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Our Payroll Partners


“It’s a great way to save. My savings go directly into my ECU account from my wages before I have the chance to spend them, which makes it so much easier. It’s the best way to manage your money, as pennies turn into pounds!”
Claire, Payroll Member

“I have been a member of ECU for over 7 years, and I use my account to save for family holidays and Christmas. I recommend joining to everyone I know, and my family are now members too!”
Sharon, Payroll Member

“I have been a member of ECU for over 22 years, and switched to payroll deduction when I started working for the local council 5 years ago. I find this option so much easier, as the payment comes directly from my wages before they go into my bank account and repayments on loans are always affordable and suit my budget.

Initially when my children were young, I used my credit union account to help manage birthdays and Christmas, but now they are grown up I use it for holidays and for any unexpected costs. Whenever I visit the branch, the staff know who I am, and it’s a more personal service compared to a high street bank.”
Lorna, Payroll Member