We recently had a quick Q&A with the Payroll Manager from a local college, who has managed the Payroll Deduction Scheme for over 4 years, and also takes advantage of all the benefits…

How easy is it to manage Payroll Deduction?

I have been managing the scheme since 2017 and find it is a very straightforward process, we receive a password protected spreadsheet with the details of joiners and any changes.

What are the advantages of using Payroll Deduction?

I personally like that my savings are deducted straight from my net pay, it makes saving very easy and you get used to the monthly amount being deducted. If you need to withdraw savings, the online account is very user friendly, and funds are paid into your account the next working day.

What would you say to a workplace considering introducing Payroll Deduction?

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend introducing Enterprise CU and Payroll Deduction to any workforce, it allows employees an easy method to save, and it offers a variety of personal loans for staff who may need this option. The team at ECU are very helpful and informative and respond to any queries very quickly!

Are you thinking about offering payroll in your workplace? Please get in touch with us at lynn@enterprisecreditunion.org and together we can introduce all the benefits of the credit union to you and your colleagues, for more info click here.