Dear Members,

We’re here to introduce our new and improved payroll deduction scheme, CU@Work.

CU@Work is a free service, widely offered as an employee benefit by businesses across Merseyside. Our aim is to kick-start an employee’s savings journey, and ultimately improve their wellbeing and build their financial resilience.

The process is really simple, the employee chooses the amount they wish to save, which is then deducted directly from their wages before it even reaches their bank, it’s that easy. The ‘set and forget’ nature of payroll deduction means the employee is less likely to dip into the money they’ve set aside, and more likely to reach their financial goals.

If we’re already partnered with your employer, you can start saving with CU@Work straight away, simply click here to find out more and to sign up.

Alternatively, if you find your employer is not listed but believe CU@Work is something you and your fellow colleagues would benefit from, simply fill out the contact form you’ll find by clicking here and our specialist team will be in touch with you soon.

ECU Team