5 Members who love being a part of Enterprise CU

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and so we thought we’d share 5 members who’ve openly professed their love for being a member of our credit union.

Kay, ECU member for 7 years

“This sounds mushy I know, but I love my credit union! It’s enabled me to have great Christmas’ and go on great holidays with my family. My children have made fabulous memories in the USA because I joined ECU.
I realised when I attended the AGM that while I borrow, my savings still continue to grow.
The staff are real people with bills and debts themselves – they let me be who I am, and they don’t judge me because my credit isn’t perfect. They treat me as a person NOT a number and that empowers me to believe that together with my credit union, I can do the things I dream of. And I do – I love being part of such an amazing movement.”

Jenny, ECU member for 12 years

“I just love being a member of the credit union. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to save every year and afford a fantastic Christmas for me and my family. It’s just boss!”

Ellen, ECU member for 18 years

“I’ve been a member for over 18 years, when I joined with my sister in Stockbridge Village. Now, all of my kids are members, and even my grandkids are members. I couldn’t do without it – I love it.”

Joe, ECU Member for 3 years

“I’ve been with a member of ECU for a while now. When I first set up my video and film production company, I approached the credit union for a loan for a camera. They have helped us out then, helped us out ever since and we wouldn’t be where we are now, if it wasn’t for them.”

Tony, ECU member for 17 years

“I’ve been with ECU since 2009, and at certain times over those 10 years it’s saved me. It’s certainly saved me at times when it’s came to paying for repairs on my car, and for holidays covered bills when I just didn’t have the money.”

As Chief Executive of Enterprise CU for over 20 years now, I’ve seen this credit union help so many different people in many different ways. It’s been a lifeline when people have needed it most, a way to save and afford the finer things, but throughout the whole time, it’s been a community of like-minded people who’ve came together to help each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our members, with love from all staff, volunteers and directors at ECU