In 12 months, we have donated over £29,500 to community groups across Merseyside with our Friends of Enterprise lottery!

Dear Members,

If you read our newsletters, follow us on social media or use our mobile app, you’ll be aware that we launched our Friends of Enterprise lottery back in November 2021. We’re now over 12 months in, and with the help of our members, have donated a total of £29,589 to community groups across Merseyside.

In this blog, we recap each donation over the past 12 months to show the impact the Friends of Enterprise lottery has had on each recipient and highlight the positive work in the community the donation has enabled them to do…

December 2021: Teardrops Supporting Your Community used the £825 to provide Christmas dinner and presents for 35 of their services users, and with the remaining cash, purchased office equipment and stationery.

January 2022: St Helens Young Carers Centre used the £1,160 to fund a well-deserved trip for the young carers.

February 2022: Liverpool Six Community Association used the £1,373 to provide stock for The Food Union.

March 2022: Polskie Merseyside, who we provided with £1,752.50 worth of vital supplies to be transported to those in Poland who have been displaced due to the conflict in Ukraine.

April 2022: Liverpool Football Therapy used the £1,973 to fund a trip to Lecce, Italy in May, to take part in a mental health tournament, where they competed against other mental health teams from across Europe.

May 2022: The First Step used the £2,035 to provide essential items to the survivors and victims of domestic abuse they support in Knowsley.

June 2022: North Birkenhead Development Trust and the St James Centre used the £2,915.50 to provide stock for the marketplace, the community café and to help fund the various events held at the centre.

July 2022: Warrington Speak Up used the £3,305 to fund the important work they do within the community.

August 2022: Big Help Project used the £3,546.50 to provide food and essential items, that will help to support families in need across the region.

September 2022: KIND Liverpool let us know that the £3,539 will contribute towards KIND’s 47th Christmas Appeal, helping thousands of families across Merseyside have a Christmas to remember.

October 2022: Brothers of Charity will use the £3,523 to fund trips and days out for those using their services.

In November 2022, a year on from the official launch of the Friends of Enterprise lottery, we realised we had the power to make a difference to more lives across Merseyside. We decided instead of having just 1 community donation each month, we would have 5 and each would receive an even share on the community pot.

November 2022: This month’s community pot was a total of £3,641.50, meaning the 5 chosen community groups each received an even share of £728.30…

Al-Ghazali will use the donation to help towards essential building and refurbishment work the centre is undergoing.

Charlotte’s Brightside will use the donation to run the centre and help fund the various activities and events the team hold to support the local children and young people.

Croxteth Gems will use the donation to help fund their annual 12 days of Christmas project, where they help feed local families by providing food hampers, and each child receives pyjamas, toys, and a selection box.

Edge Hill Youth & Community Centre will use the donation to help fund the vital, life enhancing services they provide to adults and young people in the area.

Vauxhall Children’s Centre are using the donation to help fund a Christmas event, that will include a grotto with Father Christmas, a party, food, and a small gift for the children.

These donations would not be possible without the support of our fantastic members, and if you’ve taken part so far, this is all thanks to you.

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