Today we’re sharing the inspiring success story of one of our members, Alison, who became a member of Enterprise Credit Union over 12 years ago, in what she expressed as a real low point; both personally and financially. With the help of the team at ECU, Alison set-up a plan to change her financial future, of which she said: “It’s a huge factor in where I am at today, with the help of Enterprise Credit Union, I was able to get back on my feet!”

And that’s no exaggeration, since that day Alison really has turned it around, not only is she now excellent when it comes to saving and borrowing, Alison manifested her dreams into reality, going on to University and achieving a BA (Hons) in Criminology at LJMU, and now studying for her Master’s Degree in Intelligence and Security Studies, investing a recent loan into her career with the purchase of a Polygraph machine, popularly known as a lie-detector test…so nothing gets past her!

Nicknamed by her son as ‘Mrs. Credit Union’, Alison considers herself a true credit union warrior, and her successes have only had a positive knock-on effect with her family, her son also turned to ECU for a Starter Loan in March 2020 and is now running a car valeting business, which has thrived throughout the pandemic. 

Alison says: “My life has completely changed, and Enterprise Credit Union has played a massive part in that!” We did provide a lifeline, but it was Alison’s hard work and determination that changed her future, and we’re super proud of how far she has come!

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