Do you want to improve the well-being of your employees for free?

If your organisation is based within the Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Wirral, Halton or the Warrington Borough of Merseyside, you can offer CU@Work as a benefit to your employees

Completely free, easy to set-up and manage

Reduces money related stress and absenteeism

Saving is empowering and builds financial resilience

To get started, simply click the button below, complete the contact form and a member of our CU@Work team will be in touch with you shortly


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How do I present the CU@Work scheme to my employees?
CU@Work is designed to be presented as an employee benefit – because it is! With CU@Work you can help your employees reduce stress and sickness levels caused by debt.
How much does CU@Work cost?

There are no charges made by the credit union to the employer.

Will there be a lot of administration for us?

The administration of the scheme is really easy, and we do most of it behind the scenes. Any changes come through us initially, and we will send a spreadsheet to your payroll team at an agreed date in the month for the following month’s deductions. Once you have generated the wages for that month, with the agreed deductions, you then send a simple spreadsheet with the names, employee numbers and amount of deduction. Any changes, new joiners or cancellations come directly to us from the members.

Why should I work with a Credit Union instead of alternative providers?

Enterprise Credit Union is a mutual and ethical financial services organisation, working together with us will show your employees that you’re serious about their financial health and want to work with people who are equally concerned about providing positive and good value financial services

My employees struggle with payday loans, short term debt and buy now pay later schemes, how can this help?

By giving access to a safe affordable loans, with low-interest rates. In addition, saving regularly can help reduce the risk of financial difficulty. To find out more about the loans we offer, please click here.

Are we encouraging our employees into debt?

Absolutely not, in fact credit unions are committed to providing financial resilience by encouraging a healthy savings habit but also providing low-cost affordable loans. Most people will use lending at certain times in their lives but with a credit union, we encourage our members to borrow responsibly. We are here to provide a low-cost alternative to high street loans and other forms of consumer credit.

What happens if an employee leaves the company?

We would speak to the employee to arrange alternative means to pay in. They will remain a member of ECU if they wish to.

Why shouldn’t I use a national payroll savings provider?

By using a local provider you can ensure that the money your members save will go into your local community and circulate round the local economy, showing your employees that you care about where they live and their quality of life outside of work.

Is there any liability to us, or any risk?

No, ECU will accept all of the individual and corporate liability for operating the scheme. We are regulated in exactly the same way as a bank (FCA, PRA). Your employees’ savings are also safe and fully covered by the FSCS in line with the banks. Any agreements between us and your employee will be confidential. For more information on the FSCS please click here.

How would we promote the credit union to our staff?

One key thing an employer could do is identify a workplace champion. Our team will then come in and provide all the information the workplace champion will need to promote our services. We will also be happy to come into any staff meetings or spend some time speaking to your employees about our services. If you have a staff intranet or magazine, we can provide resources for circulation in these communications to promote the scheme.

Our Payroll Partners


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend introducing ECU and payroll deduction to any workforce, it allows employees an easy method to save, and it offers a variety of personal loans for staff who may need this option. The team at ECU are very helpful and informative and respond to any queries very quickly!”
Payroll Manager, Local College
“It’s so easy to process, it only takes about 10 minutes each month!”
Payroll Manager, Local Council